14 RESIDENTIAL UNITS, Vallcarca, (Bcn)

Location: Av Vallcarca / calle Cambrils 86-92, Barcelona.
Programme: 14 residential units
Date: Sep 2009 – May 2010 (course ETSAB), Jan-May 2011(proj)
Prop. Developer: Municipal Housing Board-PMHB
Consultants: I-MAT (structures), JSS (MEP)
Area: 1.500 m2
Budget: 1.613.150 €

In collaboration with Patxi Mangado, Ramon Sanabria, Ignacio Paricio, Carlos Wendt, and the ETSAB students Ariadna Cumellas, Josep Vilardaga (Habitable Cupboard), Jon Aguirre, Jon Garbizu, Pau Sbert, Xabier Mendiola, Iñigo Ruiz (general proposal, rendering and models).

This investigation is the result of 2 workshops held at the Barcelona School of architecture during the 2009-10 academic year through an agreement between the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, the ETSAB and the Barcelona Municipal Board of Housing and were conducted by Ignacio Paricio, Patxi Mangado, Ramon Sanabria and Jaime Coll. In the Vallcarca district of Barcelona, 3 dwellings units were to be constructed from the recycled material exhibited during the Barcelona Construmat Fair, “Casa Barcelona” as part of a social housing block. The block was developed in the first workshop and the interior of the dwellings during the second workshop. The building of 15 homes will be built with prefabricated I-Mat system of concrete panels of 4 cm thick developed by the ITEC. (Catalan institute of construction)

Thinking about the assembly-disassembly of the pavilion we began to develop a prototype for a house with no walls, where dismountable furniture would be larger than normal and enclose and qualify the space. The goal is to obtain flexible and interchangeable floor spaces for the social housing. We defined a catalogue «E» of furniture pieces, parts that are packed in a volume of 100x195x250 cms we call «Living Furniture.» The piece goes from floor to ceiling and can unfold by rotation, sliding, or folding down on the pavement of the house, thus configurating the uses (by areas of influence) of the various living spaces.