Location: Riera Major-Botanic Micó , Serra de Sanferm, Vic
Programme: 18 residential units, parking
Date: Jan 2009- Sep 2009 (project), Oct 2010- (construction)
Prop. Developer: Public Housing Foundation of Catalonia
Consultants: BOMA (structures), AJ (MEP), Jordi Carbonell (budget), AIGUASOL (energetic certification)
Construction Firm: TEYCO
Area: 1.906 m2
Budget: 1.707.978 €

The site consists of 2 plots of land of the Serra de Sanferm neighbourhood located on the southern outskirts of the city of Vic, on the edge of agricultural land. Both plots slope to the south and east and therefore have good orientations and distant views towards the Montseny and the agricultural land. A public facility building is programmed for construction on the parcel south.
The block is a specific volume for 17 dwellings, with 17 parking spaces at the ground floor level and municipal offices located on the second floor with 5 dwellings. The dwellings on the 3rd floor are organized in duplexes, taking advantage of the roof’s geometry for a 3rd bedroom. This mezzanine is more playful, a small 1 bedroom-apartment, equipped with bathroom and A sunbathing terrace connected with the lower floor through a double height that structures the voids that compress and decompress the space and provide these smalls apartments with a single-family house configuration with its pitched roofs revealed on the inside.

ACCESS. All accesses, stairs and hallway are naturally lit by a 4×4-meters courtyard, protected from the cold in winter and cooled in summer by the natural vertical air movement produced by additional individual 1.80 x1, 80m2 courtyards that transform the interior corridor into catwalks suspended between green spaces and courtyards.

The units are developed according to the following principle: cross ventilation through the 4×4 courtyard (the living-dining-kitchen space runs north-south), open space, simplicity of construction, versatility in use (the small bedroom can become an extension of the living room) and the maximum incorporation of outdoor spaces (balconies and courtyards at levels 1 and 2 terraces at the duplex’s).
Space is gained by projecting balconies. We offer the highest possible outdoor surface ratio (10% of net interior area) with a large outdoor balcony (1.5 x 3, 0 m.) facing south and the Montseny and 1 large interior courtyard for service (washing and drying protected from views, pantry and different conducts and risers.).