Location: C/ Calderon, Sabadell
Programme: 2 lines (infant and primary)
Date: Sep 2003 (cont), Sep 2004 (project), Jul 2005-Jul 2007 (construction)
Prop. Developer: Gisa
Consultants: Manuel Arguijo (structures), Manel Comas (MEP), Xavier Badia (budget)
Construction Firm: CORSAN-CORVIAM
Area (m2): 3.158 m2 new building, 2.637 m2 urbanization
Budget (€): 3.286.065,96 €

-Finalist Award ATEG (Spanish Technical Association of Galvanization) 2008

The program is organized in 3 levels, divided into a public program package on the ground floor and two levels of classrooms at second and 3rd floor.

The ground floor occupies a 16.90 meters deep strip with the following program: kindergarten classrooms, administration, dining, kitchen, gym with cloakrooms functioning independently. The second and 3rd floor step back 6 meters to create a southern elevated terrace. Plant 1 st and 2 nd occupies a depth of 9.50 meters and thus is set back on the floor leaving a south terrace at the second floor level creating a lifted playground.

The north facade is perforated to control the amount of light and view to enter the classrooms. The southern facade onto the courtyard is protected by a vertically corrugated steel cladding similar to a curtain protecting the corridors form the strong southern light.