Architects: Coll-Leclerc + Bailo-Rull en UTE
Work: School of Gastronomy and restaurant
Address: Campus de Torribera, Santa Coloma, Barcelona
Developper: Grameimpuls
Date: April 2023 – Act (project)
Construction: 2024
Consultants: Marc Barbara, S4 (structure), Jose Luis Hernandez, J2L, (installations), Aleksandar Ivancic, Aiguasol (energy and sustainability),  Malgosa & Delgado (budget), David Casadevall (acoustics)
Team: Julia Sorribes, Enric Pulido
Area: 3.100 m2
Budget: 5.577.240 €, PEC (IVA no incl.)

Our project of the new School of Restoration is attentive to the legacy of Rafael Masó. He recognizes the geometric order proposed in the Torribera but at the same time he is also sensitive to his rich work in a combination of architectural stairs and colors.

The school is defined by horizontal platforms that are arranged aligned in the monumental axis reinforcing the campus planning proposal. Our project maintains the existing original slope. A building is planned that occupies the maximum floor area allowed by the regulations to avoid building a three-storey building. This decision of maximum occupancy allows us to develop a PB+1 building with a loft on a flat roof. The Plan with views over the roof of the new building is recovered and the construction of some loft volumes ensure views from the Canigó building while tying it in with the volume of the 20th century buildings in the pavilions.

The roof of the new Restoration School is built with Masonry volumes that are at the same time a piece of furniture, a space, an interior. The kitchen and the tasting room, the key pieces of the School of Restoration, are Masó spaces that stand out from the roof. Places defined by a piece of furniture, pieces of furniture that are space and interior architecture at the same time.

The school proposal is organized on a parallel axis in the main street of the Torribera campus. An axis that vertically connects the two main school entrances. An interior street that connects the lower main access platform and the upper platform in front of the Canigó pavilion.