Architects: Coll-Leclerc
Work: 144 residents Elderly Housing (9 living units)

Address: Jaume Casanovas Street, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona
Developper: Ajuntament el Prat 
Date: Oct 2021 – Act
Constrution: 2023
Consultants: Manel Fernandez, BFA (structure), Jose Luis Hernandez J2L (Ing.), Aleksandar Ivancic, Aiguasol (energy and sustainability), Enric Peña AT3 (budget), Jordi Oliver i Maria Jutglar WS-acoustic, Anna Zahonero (AZ paisaje)
Area: 7.830 m2
Budget: 10.384.329,00 € PEC (VAT not included)

Instead of the distribution proposed in the plan of 2 units on the ground floor, 3 units on the first floor and 2 units on the second and third floors. This would cause a building with unequal floors, stepped, with terraces on the first and second floor with a dubious use and little integration into the neighborhood.

Instead, we propose:

  • A compact and clear building divided into three blocks, which reduces the impact in an environment of not so large blocks, saves costs and gains in clarity.
  • Of the three blocks, two have 4 floors and the middle one has 3 floors. All plants have the same surface area.
  • A building that creates two corners between the streets J. Casanova / J. Codina (northwest corner, noisier, with the Centro de Día) and between T. Pàmies / Pasaje Rosa Sensat (southeast, quieter, with the UC on the floor down). Therefore we align with the four streets.
  • A diagonal organization of the three blocks, the best orientation, generating access through the central block and dividing the site into two areas: to the north (more urban) with staff access, service, surface parking and two gardens and to the south (more private) with orchards, gardens and access for residents.
  • Driveway access from Calle J Casanovas: services in the basement (duel, supplies, ambulances), main access for residents, drop-off for companions, access for staff by car. Access on foot through Pasaje Rosa Sensat by the staff.
  • A ground floor with outdoor space that is an extension of each of the blocks:
    A. Day center with access to the north and terrace to the south
    B. Central block of General Services, with garden to the north and south
    C. Living room unit on the ground floor with terrace to the south and garden to the north.