Architects: Coll-Leclerc 
Address: Mallorca Street, Barcelona
Developper: Privat 
Date: Jul 2019 – 2020
Construction: 2020
Consultants: Mar Genoves
Constructor: OAK
Area: 261 m2

Executive project assignment and construction management of a renovation of a landmark modernist appartament. The reform focuses on the bathroom and kitchen area, modified about 15 years ago with respect to the original state of the property and also the removal of pavement added on top of the existing one and false ceilings in these areas. The spirit of the reform is to return to the previous state.

The house of 230m2 of useful surface, presents the traditional structure of the buildings built in this period. In its current state, it consists of two main rooms, each located on one of the facades of the building. The kitchen is not in its original position, but has been moved to another room, now connected to the hall and the main room facing Calle Mallorca. The bathrooms, the laundry room and a secondary room are located inside the house, all these rooms, as well as the kitchen, are covered by false ceilings of different heights. The house has three main bedrooms and a smaller one.