Address: Calle Alfons el Magnànim 64, 07004 Palma
Developper: IBISEC
Project: 2017
Construction: Ene -Sep 2018
Consultants: Carmela Torro (structures),
Team: Carla Blanch
Photographer: Jose Hevia
Constructor: Albaida
Area: 360 m2
Budget: 501.956,34 €

Extension of the of Music and Dance Conservatory of the Balearic Islands, building of 1998, in which 2 dance classrooms and 3 theory classrooms are added, occupying the perimeter porches.

The strategy followed has been the total integration of the classrooms added 20 years later so that no change is perceived in the building. Being a «Mat-Building» the laws of growth are clear, dictated by the geometric order of the building. It has been used to close with ceramic lattice the courtyards that opened directly to the street Francisco de Sales.